Trump and Kim Jong Un Set a Date to Meet

Trump and Kim Jong Un Meeting

The Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting has been confirmed and a date set – though which date? – we don’t know yet. On Friday, President Trump announced that he had set both a location and a date for his meeting with the North Korean dictator. It was surprising to hear that a meeting had been proposed, but it’s even more surprising to hear that no one has backed out – It’s actually happening.

Trump and Kim Jong Un Meeting

It was announced today that Trump has settled on a date and location for his meeting with Kim Jong Un. To make matters more suspenseful, Trump did not disclose any details of the location or when the meeting will take place. That said, the White House did state that the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un could occur within the next couple weeks.

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At the meeting, Trump plans to push North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons. The White House is also hoping that if North Korea releases the three Americans arrested before the meeting, this will calm the atmosphere and be a good start to the summit.

However, perhaps the most interesting part of all of this is the comment that Trump made earlier today at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Texas. The president stated that in anticipation of the talk, he has had to restrain himself from making certain comments about Kim Jong Un, particularly restraining from calling him “Rocket Man”. He also threatened the North Korean leader with “fire and fury”. Trump said today that after those comments, he now had to calm things down.

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Many are glad to hear that. It was getting a little unnerving watching Trump taunt Kim Jong Un. Even though it will be huge news if this meeting goes well, one cannot help but wonder what is going to happen if the Trump-Un summit crashes and burns. Will Trump and Kim Jong Un continue to name call one another if it does? Will the two countries butt heads even more? Pay close attention over the next couple weeks, Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting is a historical moment you’re not going to want to miss.

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