Trump Tweets His Uncertainty About Sending Missiles to Syria

President Donald Trump is, once again, toying with the emotions of the world. Is Trump sending missiles to Syria? 

Trump Has a New Enemy

Forget North Korea, Donald Trump is now casting his anger on Syria. Not only has Trump’s latest presidential drama sent the majority of the world into a frenzy, but it has also started to weigh on investors. Why? Because there are already fluctuations on the market due to the concern about a potential war. However, was yesterday’s state of panic for nothing? Possibly.

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On Wednesday, Trump stated that missiles would be flying toward Syria. This decision is a result of the suspected chemical attack Syrian President Bashar al-Assad unleashed on his own citizens. Trump is one of the many official leaders placing blame on Bashar Assad for the chemical weapons attack. He even called the Syrian president a “Gas Killing Animal”. This, of course, is not the first name Trump has given another world leader. Over the last year, we have seen the tension increase between North Korea and the U.S., with Trump calling Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man” on numerous occasions.

Wednesday’s missile announcement also follows another one of the president’s announcements, in which Trump stated that he is planning on removing troops from the country in Western Asia. Media outlets exploded yesterday after Trump announced missiles would be heading toward Syria. That said, the president seems to now be uncertain with these plans.

The Latest News Regarding Missiles Heading to Syria

Twenty four hours after the initial announcement, Trump disclosed that he never actually said “when” there would be a missile attack on Syria. He then stated that though he plans to have more meetings later today regarding the Syria situation, he does not know what the outcome of those meetings will be. The president seemed to have a relaxed persona, stating casually “we’ll see what happens.”

If people were hoping for clarity today after yesterday’s surprise announcement, they definitely didn’t get it. If anything, Trump just made this whole situation a lot more confusing. The president took to Twitter (as per usual) and wrote that the attack “could be very soon or not so soon at all.”

Meanwhile, the French President plans on coordinating his response to the chemical attack with Trump, while Theresa May, U.K. Prime Minister, has called an emergency Cabinet meeting for later today to discuss how the British should respond to such a devastating attack. Though May plans on responding separately from the Trump Administration, the Prime Minister is on board with most world leaders, stating she has little doubt the Syrian president is to blame

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