Trump Signs Executive Order That Makes Sure Veterans Receive All They Need to Return to Society with Ease

Are we seeing a different side to President Trump? Personally, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Trump has a sincere side that we have yet to see, but I will admit that his Tuesday announcement is perhaps the best thing he has disclosed since he was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

What Happened?

On Tuesday, January 9, Donald Trump tweeted that he has officially signed a brand new Executive Order solely related to Veterans. He stated that he signed, with “great honor”, an executive order that makes sure Veterans have all of the resources that they need when transitioning back into society.

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This is extremely important, and very monumental on Trump’s part, considering veterans returning to civilian life has proven time and time again to be a struggle. It’s not a secret that those returning from their service are more likely to suffer from mental health problems, and yet only 50% seek out help, which has caused the suicide rate among veterans to skyrocket.

Personally, I am glad veterans will not have to fight anymore for various resources that will help them adapt back to the modern world. As Trump said in his tweet today, it is crucial that we make sure that our “heroes are given the care and support they so richly deserve!”

The Executive Order

According to the White House website, the new order asks Veteran Affairs, Secretaries of Defense, and Homeland Security to come up with a Joint Action Plan within 60 days that will outline various mental health and suicide prevention resources that are accessible to veterans, and Trump will be updated on the implementation of the plan within 180 days.

It’s not a total surprise Trump has come forward with this order, as he is very vocal about his support towards veterans and believes they deserve the best healthcare our world has to offer.

Featured Image: twitter