CMG Stock Hovers Around New Highs Ahead of Q3 Earnings

CMG stock

Investors are quite impressed with the progress Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc (NYSE:CMG) has been making lately. CMG stock has moved up by almost 90% year-to-date. However, this growth story may be subjected to a test in two weeks to come. This is probably during the unveiling of the third-quarter results of the fast-casual burrito chain.

A Close Focus in the Business

Chipotle Mexican Grill is undoubtedly feeling the pressure of playing up to its previous standards or even moving a notch higher. Everybody is watching to see whether or not it manages to uphold the same-store sales trajectory. The company knows that failure to keep the digital assets skyrocketing will paint its already established success in a negative light. Investors in the company will be focusing on several important points, as outlined below.

Same-Store Sales Growth

There was a time when Chipotle had been struggling with food safety issues. That is one year down the line, and the negative impact was felt strongly in the company’s same-store sales growth. The fast-casual restaurant was on the decline, and a lot of people started losing hope. Changes were then made in leadership, and this resulted in Chipotle’s year-over-year revenue growth.

CMG stock is up 0.75% at $847 at the time of writing.

Things to Look Out For

A wise investor should take advantage of the Q3 results to make better choices. Robust growth is a good sign, and the opposite would indicate inconsistency.

Reports indicate that Chipotle’s digital sales have been growing very fast. In the Q2, its digital sales were equal to everything it earned in the whole of 2016.

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Chipotle attributes the changes to a wide range of factors. The first one has to do with how much the business has channeled into lifting its service delivery. It takes great pride in the enhanced capabilities of its app and website and the fast mobile ordering pick-up process as well.

It is obvious that at some point, the growth in digital assets will decelerate, but what counts for right now is the magnitude of this deceleration.

CMG stock has soared almost 100% over the past year and recently made an all-time high of $857.90.

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