Elon Musk Tweets Private Phone Number One Week After Official Delivery of Model 3’s

Elon Musk

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk might be used to breaking the internet with his various tweets and Instagram posts, but I don’t think he was ready for what happened on Tuesday.

Musk seemed to be trying to send a direct message on Twitter to John Carmack yesterday, who is the head of technology at Oculus, but he accidentally ended up tweeted the message to his 16.7 million followers. And it included the entrepreneur’s personal phone number.

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Even though the tweet was deleted within minutes, some Twitter users actually took note before it disappeared. However, instead of reaching the world famous CEO, callers were greeted by a message from God of War, a video game. I’m sure some Musk die-hard fans were disappointed not to hear him pick up the phone, but if you have any appreciation for video games, you will find the message users were greeted with pretty funny.

“Somehow you’ve found your way here to me,” the voice recording said. “I offer you my congratulations and my respect.” Somehow, as in, your own Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) fingers, Mr. Musk?

Immediately some started to speculate why Musk would be contacting Carmack, but I don’t find it to be a complete surprise considering Carmack has come forward publicly a number of times stating that he had previously worked with Musk on projects in the past and that he has ample experience in the rocket-building field.

This accidental leak of Musks number comes a week after his company Tesla, Inc. started to make the official deliveries of its electric vehicle, the Model 3.  The actual deliveries of the vehicle are significant news but perhaps the most notable aspect of it all is that one of the Model 3 cars were delivered to a man with terminal cancer who chose Musks creation as his dying wish.

Featured Image: twitter