Tesla is Making Many Positive Changes Throughout the World


Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been making major news headlines lately as its innovation seems to be positively affecting many different parts of the world.

Last year, the company, sent Powerwall batteries to Puerto Rico and Australia to aid in their energy crisis. Australia actually ended up using the battery almost immediately, as it is used as a backup that shoots energy back into the main power grid when it runs low. The backup battery worked flawlessly and can aid various cities that are plagued with an energy crisis. Just recently, Tesla sent 300 of these batteries and solar panels to the island to help naturally cool public schools using renewable energy. 

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Tesla has provided other means to aid in the island’s energy problem as it already has a full system of batteries and solar panels that keep Kaua’i powered at night. Currently, 93.7 percent of all of Hawaii’s energy comes from non-renewable resources but it seems this just isn’t working. This means that energy is not cheap, but Tesla’s solar panels and batteries might just aid the state towards greener alternatives. There are many other renewable energy companies that have begun stepping in to fix the problem but it seems Tesla is leading the way.

Electric Trucks

When Tesla first unveiled it’s semi-electric truck to the world, the company claimed it would recoup the cost of the truck within two years. The truck is to provide tons of savings on fuel but a higher up at DHL in an interview told Reuters that 2 years might have been a bit conservative. The shipping company is expected to recoup the cost of the truck in a year and a half. Jim Mokmeyer, the executive, says that fuel isn’t the only saver. EV motors are far less maintenance than that of the standard big diesel engines used most frequently today.

While the trucks are still under construction and their roll-out date has been pushed back. Many major transportation companies have ordered up these trucks and these figures look promising for the future of electric trucks. 

Featured Image: Tokkoro