Uber to Work with NASA on Software for Flying Taxi

Flying Taxi

Uber has unveiled plans for a flying taxi. That’s right – the ride-hailing company (Privately-Traded) has announced that they will be joining NASA in developing software that will manage “flying taxi” routes.

According to the plans, Uber will first commence testing flying taxi services throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and then in Los Angeles by the year 2020.

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How does it work? The “flying taxis” would carry a total of four passengers at a time and would travel 200 mph.

Many speculate Uber’s flying service will not pick up until 2023, which is reportedly when the company will start to offer paid flights within cities.

Meanwhile, NASA is heavily involved in developing driverless air-traffic management systems. In fact, it has already completed phase two of a four-phase process in testing the technology.

While it’s exciting to think about, remember that both Uber and NASA still have quite a bit of work to do. Uber is still working on software for flying taxi networks. 

However, if everything comes together, people could be hailing a flying taxi just like they would with an Uber car. Pretty futuristic, right?

Featured Image: twitter