Government Shutdown Update: When Will It End?

government shutdown

The longest US government shutdown has just entered into its 35th day. Yesterday, the Senate blocked dueling bills to fund the government—leaving no clear path to the end of this mess.

US Government Shutdown: When Will It End?

There have been two proposals, by both parties, and each have been blocked. These measures need 60 votes to pass, and neither side is budging. Today, over 800,000 federal workers will miss a second paycheck as a result of this shutdown. Neither the President or the Democratic leaders are showing any willingness to back down.

There are some bipartisan senators that have been working on a bill to fund the government for three weeks, while immigration issues continue to be discussed. Democrats and some Republican senators have urged the President to temporarily reopen the government while the White House and Congress negotiate. President Trump is insisting on securing financing for his wall before he agrees to fund the government.

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At this time, both the Senate and House are receiving paychecks during the government shutdown. The Republican party runs the Senate, and the Democrats have control of the house—making it extremely difficult to get anything passed.  

“Let’s have that discussion [about border security] after we open up government,” House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, told reports yesterday. While Senators and Representatives aren’t willing to compromise, a lot falls on the shoulders of the US President.

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President Trump is asking the government for $5.7 billion to fund his wall, while during his presidential campaign he said he would make Mexico pay for. Well, that went well, and here we are—the longest US government shutdown in history. 

In an attempt to appease the opposing party, President Trump offered a three-year extension of legal protection for the dreamers, but ultimately, representatives from the Democratic party felt that wasn’t long enough and blocked it. The Democratic proposal doesn’t have a chance at becoming law because it will be blocked ultimately by the Senate and President. 

At this time, it remains unknown when the government shutdown will end.

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