Microsoft Releases Annual Report, Discusses Potential AI Risks

Microsoft annual report

It’s no secret that Microsoft is moving into artificial intelligence. If anything, it makes sense to see this company enter this field. But, it’s not going to be an easy transition. And Microsoft knows that. Today, the latest Microsoft annual report was published, and it details potential risks that could come with its move into AI.

Microsoft Annual Report: Risks, Risk, and More Risk

In the past, Microsoft has sent out various warnings to investors. First, warnings came about the risks that come with cloud services. Now, as the company tries to make a name for itself in artificial intelligence, the company has warned that there are potential issues in this area.

Artifical Intelligence Risks

According to Microsoft, artificial intelligence poses the following risks:

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  1. Algorithms may be flawed.
  2. Datasets could contain biased information. That or the datasets may be insufficient.
  3. Data practices (whether they are controversial or inappropriate) by the company could impair AI solutions acceptance.
  4. Some artificial intelligence scenarios have ethical issues.
  5. Microsoft could experience reputational harm if their AI solutions have an impact on things like social issues.

So What’s the Point?

If Microsoft knows there are risks that come with artificial intelligence, why are they focusing on it?

Well, with the good comes the bad. Overall, however, AI is going to help with the operating of our devices and applications. It will help Microsoft as a company grow, they just have to make sure all the safety procedures are intact.

The Stock Reacts (NASDAQ:MSFT)

The Microsoft annual report seems to have gone over smoothly with the market. Yes, the stock is currently down 0.046% in after-hours trade, but the MSFT stock did end the regular trading day up 0.44%.

The Takeaway

What do you think? Do you think Microsoft should still enter the AI industry knowing the potential risks?

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