Apple Now Being Sued for Its Admission of Slowing Down Old iPhones


Previously, it was reported that there had been evidence found that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) was purposefully slowing down older iPhones. The company has since admitted to this, and now it looks like they may have to pay the price. Apple is being sued.

Apple claims that it slows down older models of iPhones in order to “prolong the life” of the devices and to maximize the phone’s remaining battery power. However, iPhone users aren’t having any of it and they want Apple to have its comeuppance.

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There have, in fact, been two lawsuits filed against the technology company. One was filed in California and the other came from Chicago. Both lawsuits have been filed by groups of iPhone users, representing others, who claim that they have suffered irreparable “economic damage.”

The main arguments floating around at the moment is that the plaintiffs have suffered from the loss of use for their phones, the loss of value in their phones, and having to purchase new batteries as a result of the diminishing iPhone capabilities. For these reasons, they believe that compensation should be paid to them. All claims have been cited under the premise that none of these iPhone users consented to be interfered with by Apple.

James Vlahakis, who is representing the users of the Chicago lawsuit, has said that “Apple’s failure to inform consumers these updates would wreak havoc on the phone’s performance is being deemed purposeful, and if proven, constitutes the unlawful and decisive withholding of material information.”

Vlahakis, a representative of the Sulaiman Law Group, went on to explain that this action by Apple is a “direct violation” of the consumer fraud-related legislation in all three states, Illinois, Indiana, and North Carolina, where the complainants are based.

It’s a pretty gutsy move to go after a big company like Apple, but if Apple really is doing this (which it has already openly admitted to) then maybe they have a point. Old phones are going to slow down on their own anyway, what right does Apple have to speed up that process?

Featured Image: depositphotos/bernardbodo