Trump Revokes John Brennan’s Security Clearance; More Will be Removed

Trump Revokes Security Clearance

It’s only Wednesday, and Donald Trump has already made various headlines. Yesterday it was for calling one of his former officials a ‘dog’ – which, understandably, sparked outrage. And today, the world is looking at the latest in the ongoing Trump John Brennan drama.

Trump John Brennan Drama: The Latest Move

This political drama has been in the back of our mind’s for a while now, considering Brennan is an open critic of the businessman turned politician Donald Trump. But now, the Trump Administration is playing on a whole other level.

On Wednesday, press secretary Sarah Sanders stood in front of a crowd of reporters in a briefing room and declared that the president had revoked the security clearance of John Brennan.

The words spoken were straight from the president’s mouth, with Sanders reading directly off a prepared statement. Reportedly, Brennan “leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official,” knowing he had “access to highly sensitive info,” and ultimately used that power and information to make “unfounded and outrageous allegations.”

What he said – or, I guess, Sanders said – next was perhaps the most outrageous part of the whole statement. The president claimed that John Brennan, the CIA director for Obama, has had “wild outbursts on the internet.” Sound familiar to anyone?

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Knew It Was Coming

As I said, this is only the latest in the Trump John Brennan drama. Last month, Sarah Sanders hinted that Brennan’s clearance might be revoked — him as well as a number of other people. At the time, however, people weren’t worried. Even Paul Ryan, the House speaker, said he thought Trump was just “trolling people.” Apparently not.

There’s More

The White House is thinking about revoking security clearances of other people as well. On Wednesday, Sandes mentioned the following names:

–  Susan Rice

– James Clapper

– James Comey (not a surprise)

– Sally Yates

– Lisa Page

All of these people have openly criticized President Donald Trump.

The Takeaway

What do you think about the everything that’s happened this week with Trump? Let us know in the comments below.

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