Google Home Supports Spanish—Watch Out, Amazon

Google Home Supports Spanish

The competition between Google and Amazon continues. On Tuesday, Google announced that it added a new feature to Google Home, its smart speaker. The update may be long overdue but many in the U.S. and in international markets will appreciate the fact that Google Home supports Spanish now.

Google Home Supports Spanish

Google released a statement Tuesday morning, in which it disclosed that Google Home supports Spanish. Now, this may be a move that was inspired solely to benefit Google Home users, or it was done so that the company could have an edge up against rival Amazon.

As we know, Amazon’s Alexa supports various languages, including English, Japanese, and German. However, Spanish is not one of them. And now Google is saying that the Google Home smart assistant will support more than 30 languages by the end of 2018. This is a clear attempt by Google trying to up its game against Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.

Starting with Spanish is going to benefit the company. Why? Well, considering a good chunk of those living in the U.S. speak Spanish, I would say many are going to be pleased with the additional language feature.

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How Did the Google Stock (NASDAQ:GOOGL) React?

Am I right? Are people pleased now that we know Google Home supports Spanish? Well, it’s hard to say. The Google stock is giving us two different answers.

The stock ended regular trading hours down 0.58%, reports Google Finance, but the GOOGL stock is currently up in after-hours trade (0.21%). It will be interesting to see how the Google stock opens Wednesday.

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The Takeaway

Do you own a Google Home device? Do you speak Spanish? If so, do you think you’re going to benefit from this update?

Personally, I think it shows that Google is getting innovative and realizing that there are more demographics that want to use its product but aren’t necessarily accessible to them.

Do you agree?

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