Bloomberg: New Apple Products to be Launched in 2019

new Apple products

If you’re team Apple, you’ll probably get a kick out of today’s news. On Monday, Bloomberg reported that the world will see three new Apple products in 2019.

Of course, Apple isn’t exactly on top of it when it comes to launching products on time, but who knows, maybe 2019 will be different for the California-based technology behemoth.

New Apple Products in 2019 | What We Know

Bloomberg reported earlier that Apple is in the midst of working on 3 new products, all of which are audio products. Note that the report did not give a specific date, Bloomberg simply reported that the new Apple products will be released sometime next year.

What are the products? Great question! Here’s what we know:

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New Apple Product #1 – New AirPods Earbuds

The first Apple product that was mentioned by Bloomberg is a new version of the popular AirPods earbuds. As cited by unnamed sources, Bloomberg reported that the new version of the earbuds will have features like water resistance (this does not mean waterproof) and noise cancellation technology.

New Apple Product #2 – Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

This product will be for people who want a high-end pair of headphones, but want to stick to the Apple brand. While Beats Solo3 headphones are a great option as an audio product, some people prefer to have the same brand across the board. And that’s where the new Apple over-ear wireless headphones will come in.

New Apple Product #3 – Updated HomePod Speaker

Sometimes you don’t need to create entirely new products, all you have to do is create next-generation versions of something that already exists. And that’s what Apple is reportedly planning to do.

In 2019, we should see the company launch a new generation version of the speaker. Right now, details of what this new version will entail are unclear.

Is the Apple Community Excited About the New Apple Products?

Despite the story that the stock market is telling, I would say the Apple community is excited. There are some dedicated Apple supporters out there, and they’ll purchase new products regardless of whether they need it or not.

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That said, the Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) is currently down—according to Google Finance—1.60%.

The Takeaway

Are you team Apple? If so, do you plan on purchasing any of the new Apple products? Personally, I like the sound of the over-ear wireless headphones!

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