New iPhones Leaked by Apple: Stock Falls Slightly

New iPhones Leaked

Are you ready? New iPhones leaked accidentally by Apple, giving us a glimpse into the future of the iPhone. Is that a cheaper price tag I see?

New iPhones Leaked

Last year, Apple introduced its priciest phone model yet with the iPhone X, running just over $1,000 a pop. The phone manufacturer took a huge gamble, but it worked. Apple X sales helped to boost profits for the company, even as iPhone unit sales continued to flatten. 

What the company discovered is that it doesn’t need to sell more phones each year to keep its profits flowing. Apple just needs to create a higher priced version of a phone that is worth spending more on.

With this newfound revelation, it seems that Apple is going to do the complete opposite of its discovery. This morning, Apple’s own website leaked iPhone details for every new product it is expected to launch.

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The company’s sitemap had been activated on the website and it included the pages that customers can consult when they’re buying a new product.


Apple Switches Gears

It seems the phone manufacturer isn’t wanting to take bets on an expensive phone this year, as the iPhone leaked is an updated version of the X but at a lower price. The sitemap also shows that the cheaper iPhone will come in a range of different colors, the Independent reported.

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The sitemap was only up for a short amount of time but those who viewed it said it didn’t show any new details on an iPad. It did, however, show that the Apple Watch will be released with two different sizes. Apple is supposed to officially release the new details of its new products sometime today.

Apple Stock Movement (NASDAQ:AAPL)

According to Yahoo Finance, AAPL stock is currently trading at $222.11 a share, down -$1.74 (-0.78%).

Featured Image: Pixabay