Will the North Korea Summit Happen? More Signs Point to Yes

North Korea Summit Signs

North Korea summit signs: A North Korean official is set to land in New York today, ahead of a meeting with Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State. Many suspect this is an indication that the North Korea Summit is back on, and will take place in Singapore next month. It certainly would be interesting if it were, considering Trump shocked many with his unexpected decision last week to pull the U.S. out of the meeting.

North Korea Summit Signs: North Korean Official in New York.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump confirmed that meetings are underway, regarding the North Korea Summit. In response to Trump’s letter, Kim Young Chol, who is the Vice Chairman of North Korea, is making his way to New York to meet with Pompeo. The senior official will meet with Pompeo later during the week.

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If the atmosphere remains calm, good things could very well come out of this week’s meeting. The whole point of the North Korea summit is so that Trump can persuade North Korea to get rid of their automatic weapons. Mr. Chol used to be the head of a major military intelligence agency in North Korea, so perhaps an outcome suitable to both sides could be discussed.

>>North Korea Summit Back On? Trump Hints Yes

Will the North Korea Summit Happen?

The White House pretty much confirmed that the North Korea summit is back on. On Tuesday,  in a statement, the White House said the U.S. continues to prepare for the presidents forecasted meeting with the North Korean dictator.

However, to be frank, this meeting is in anybody’s court. One minute Trump is pulling out, and insulting Kim Jong Un, and the next he is saying he has reconsidered, and the White House releases statements such as the one above. At this point, I would just say that I’ll believe it when I see it. What do you think? The North Korea summit would be massive if it happened and went well. However, things could turn very dark if the summit takes place and it does not go well.

Check back in later this week. Hopefully, we’ll know if the North Korea summit is going to take place or not.

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