Trump Cancels November Military Parade Due to “Ridiculously High” Costs

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Donald Trump has insulted plenty of people since his inauguration, but military men and women have always seemed to have a soft spot in his heart. Except not at present, considering he just canceled the November military parade. Though, this may have more to do with D.C. officials rather than the military.

November Military Parade Delayed

On Friday, Donald Trump announced that he had canceled the November military parade in Washington, D.C. This, of course, is not as scandalous as the other Trump news that came out this week, but it’s still a little surprising. Why? Well, for two reasons. 

First, Trump not only canceled the parade, but he also insulted D.C. officials while doing so. According to Trump, the military parade has been canceled due to the price tag that was given by these officials, which Trump found to be “ridiculously high.”

Second, it’s surprising because Trump was the one who requested this parade. He did so back in February, asking the Pentagon to start planning a Washington military parade for the fall of 2018. 

Any Upside? 

The parade hasn’t been canceled completely, just postponed. If everything gets sorted out, Trump said maybe they will do something next year.

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For once, we’re not sure who to believe. On Trump’s side, it is true that the parade was going to be extremely expensive. According to a defense official, the estimated cost was over $90 million, which was much higher than initial forecasts. 

However, the military does deserve something in their honor. It would be a shame if they didn’t receive that recognition due to political and governmental stubbornness. 

The Takeaway

What do you think about President Trump canceling the November military parade? Let us know in the comments below! 

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