Apple Created a Gold iPhone X; Google Launched Two AI Experiments

Gold iPhone X

There’s a lot of exciting information circulating around the technology sector today. Specifically, there’s some exciting news that has surfaced regarding Apple and Google – enter the gold iPhone X and two Google AI experiments.

Apple Creates Gold iPhone X

On Friday, April 13, the Federal Communications Commission published images of a gold iPhone X. The phone has yet to be released, but the FCC obtained images of it via a filing from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). Is Apple mad that the FCC released the photos of the gold iPhone X? No, because the technology giant knew it was coming.

There was a 180-day confidentiality period placed on the photos, and that period is now over. Now, the image of the gold iPhone X is circulating across various social media platforms, with users worldwide commenting on the glass backplate with the same golden tone as the iPhone 8.

Investors should be pleased with this news. After all, releasing an updated version of an iPhone that costs roughly $1,000 to begin with, is bound to generate some revenue for the company. Not to mention Apple lovers have been waiting for a gold iPhone X ever since the initial launch of the iPhone X in 2017.

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Individuals were fairly confident Apple would release one during the launch, but alas, the California-based company only released the iPhone X in space gray and white/silver.

With that being said, it appears I was right about investors being pleased with the news. Apple ended the day trading at $174.73, putting the stock up 0.34%. The Apple stock is also moving higher in after-hours trade, currently up 0.06%.

Google Announces AI Experiments

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is pushing for its users to get experience with artificial intelligence (AI). On Friday, Google disclosed to the public two new AI experiments from its research branch. Essentially, these experiments will allow for a web user to play with both natural language processing and semantics. The Menlo Park, California-based company is likely to benefit from this venture into artificial intelligence. Why? Because Google is known primarily for being a search engine, but by rolling out experiments such as this, the company has a better chance of making a name for itself in the AI industry.

I could have called that wrong, however. The Google stock, whose parent company is Alphabet, Inc., ended the trading day down 0.31%. I will say that the stock is trading higher in the after-hours session, which is good, currently up 0.08%.

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The Amazon and Google Takeaway

Overall, I think it’s been a good day for the technology industry. And that’s surprising, considering today is Friday the 13th. One would have thought Murphy’s Law would have been in action, but I guess Apple and Google slipped its grasp.

So happy Friday, everyone! We get to go into the weekend knowing we have a brand new gold iPhone X on the way, and we can participate in AI experiments from the comfort of our own home!

Featured Image: Twitter