Trump Foundation Sued by New York Attorney General

Trump Foundation sued

Trump Foundation sued: Less than a week after Donald Trump met with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, the president was hit with a lawsuit. Well, his charitable foundation, as well as its directors, were, at least.

Trump Foundation Sued

On Thursday, word broke that the New York attorney general sued Donald Trump’s charity for violating federal and state charities law. The charitable foundation was sued, along with Trump himself, his sons, and his daughter. According to the attorney general, Trump used his foundation to provide support to his 2016 presidential campaign. While doing so, he violated various laws under which nonprofits are required to operate.

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So, what’s the point of the lawsuit? What does the attorney general want to see happen? Well, attorney general Baraba Underwood is reportedly asking the court to shut down the Trump Foundation. Underwood is also asking for $2.8M in restitution. Not only that, but she also wants additional penalties. In terms of additional penalties, the New York attorney general is striving for the banning of Trump and members of his family from working and serving on the board of any charity that is based in New York.

To no surprise, Donald Trump has already hit back, posting his comments on Twitter. He went as far as saying that “sleazy New York Democrats” are trying to take him down, and are “doing everything they can” to sue him. He then stated that he has no plans to settle the case. Meanwhile, the foundation called the charges “politically motivated.”

Trump Has Lots Going On

As mentioned, the lawsuit comes less than a week after the Singapore Summit. Not only that, though. We also saw Trump attack Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last weekend, which caused immediate controversy. This tiff between the two North American leaders took place in Quebec, at the G-7 meeting. After fighting with Trudeau, Trump jetted off to Singapore to meet the North Korean dictator. Now that the meeting is over, Trump will probably be focusing his efforts on lowering the publicity of this lawsuit.

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Trump Foundation Sued | Takeaway

It will be interesting to see the comments Trump makes over the weekend. Will he continue to tweet about the matter? Or will he keep those thoughts to himself?

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