See Ya, Alex Jones! Twitter Just Banned You… Permanently

Twitter bans Alex Jones

Actions have consequences; Alex Jones of Infowars is finding this out the hard way. A few months ago, Jones was banned by influential tech companies, like Facebook, and it appears another one has followed in the same footsteps. Today, headlines of Twitter bans Alex Jones have circulated the market. Now, this may not seem like trending news, but it is.

Essentially, knuckling down on Twitter behavior policies is something that’s long overdue, so it’s nice to see the company finally holding those who break the rules responsible.

Twitter Bans Alex Jones: Finally

It started with a rant. Yesterday, Jones went on Periscope, a video service owned by Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), to talk—rant—about a CNN reporter. During the rant, Jack Dorsey was thrown to the wolves a few times. Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter, for those who don’t know.

While Jones may have thought he could get away with it, Dorsey and Twitter have different opinions. As a direct response to Jones’ actions yesterday, Twitter announced Thursday that it had “permanently suspended” both Alex Jones’ account, as well as the official Infowars account.

Interesting Takeaways

What I find interesting is that Jones even went on Periscope to rant about someone in the first place. I mean, if you’re banned from all the other major social media platforms, why are you risking the remaining platform that hasn’t booted you off its system? Perhaps he didn’t consider that beforehand.

Either way, Jones and Infowars no longer exist in the Twitterverse, and the market appears divided.

The Twitter Stock

If you were to base the news of Twitter banning Alex Jones off the comments people have made, you could conclude that this decision is 100% supported. However, the TWTR stock tells a different story.

At market close, the TWTR share price was at $30.81, and the stock was down nearly 6% (5.87%).

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The Alex Jones Twitter account, as well as the Infowars Twitter accounts, may have been removed, but I don’t think this is the last we will hear from the man of the hour.

In fact, I think this will end up being similar to the Papa John’s scandal, where the man in question just can’t let go.

Featured Image: Twitter