Uber Partners with Lime: Are Electric Scooters the Future?

Uber partners with Lime

Uber Partners with Lime: Lime is getting a lot of love. As part of a $335M financing round, Uber announced Monday that it is partnering with the electric scooter company. 

This is the second scooter company Uber, a ride-hailing company, has teamed up with this year. Is this an indication that Uber wants to become the go-to company for all things transportation? 

Uber Partners with Lime: What We Know 

This deal is being led by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc. Specifically, Alphabet’s venture arm GV is leading the deal, which values the scooter business at $1.1B. 

Uber partners with Lime, but the details have yet to be finalized. What is clear, however, is that Uber plans on promoting Lime in its app, as well as putting its world-famous logo on the Lime scooters. 

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Uber Speaks on Lime Partnership 

Uber, which is based in San Francisco, appears to be confident in the partnership. 

Speaking on the matter, Rachel Hot, Uber VP, said that the partnership with Lime is another step towards its overall goal, which is “becoming a one-stop shop for all your transportation needs.” 

Are Scooters the Future?

Let’s just say that the electric scooter space is gaining a lot of mainstream attention, causing more and more competition between companies. 

However, Lime’s partnership with Uber may give it the competitive edge that it needs to go up against rival Bird, another electric scooter company.

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As for Uber, it certainly seems like the company likes the idea of people using electric scooters to get around. As mentioned, Lime is the second scooter company Uber has made ties with. Back in April, Uber acquired Jump Bikes, which offers electric scooter rentals.

Uber Partners with Lime: The Takeaway

How do you feel about Uber investing in the electric scooter company? Would you ever opt for a scooter rather than a car?

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