Amazon’s Blue Origin will Take Industry to Moon: AMZN Stock Climbs 2%

Blue Origin

At a tech conference in Las Vegas, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos took to the stage to speak about his space company, Blue Origin, and its current project; a giant Lunar lander to make moon travel easy. AMZN stock is up 2.44% today and is selling for roughly $1,797 at the time of writing.

Amazon’s Blue Origin Lunar Project

According to the CEO, the reason his space company is working on making trips to the moon as easy as taking a flight is because our very survival depends on it; in order for humans to survive, we need to colonize space, starting with the moon.

Blue Origin’s lunar lander vehicle called Blue Moon was unveiled by Bezos himself last month. The automobile is designed to carry a variety of “payloads to the moon.” The ultimate goal of its creation is to help humans to establish a “sustained human presence” there.

The world’s richest man believes that in order to save humanity, we have to begin building the necessary infrastructure for space colonization.

“If we’re going to continue to grow this civilization, we need to move – and I’m talking about something our grandchildren will work on and their grandchildren- and so on this isn’t something just this generation is going to accomplish.”

One of the reasons the moon is perfect for our needs is that it is only a three-day ride away from earth. It also has ice, which means water, and it benefits from solar energy similar to earth.

But another key reason is that it has a lighter gravity, which means that it takes “twenty-four times less energy to lift a pound off the moon than it does Earth,” he says.

Move Heavy Industry to Space

This will allow us “to do big things in space.” This means we could move heavy factories from earth to the moon and rezone earth to be only residential and light industry.

“We need to move heavy industry off the Earth. It will be way better done in space anyway.” 

Blue Origin is now attempting to build the infrastructure that will eventually lead to the colonization of the moon. Currently, it is creating reusable rockets similar to today’s airplanes. This will allow rockets that don’t require inspection and rebuilding after each trip.

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As he referenced his beginnings with Amazon, Bezos said:

“My mission with Blue Origin is to help build that infrastructure, to do that heavy lifting, so others can stand on top of it the same way I stood on top of the US postal service.”

AMZN stock dipped last week amid concerns of increased tensions in the America/China trade war. Stock fell just under 7%.

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