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Winamp Comeback! Music App will be Bigger and Better in 2019!

Winamp Comeback

Remember Winamp? It was one of the first platforms for digital music and was big in the early nineties. As time ticked along, however, it failed to keep up with the ever-changing digital streaming industry. Now though, according to Tech Crunch, there will be a Winamp comeback!

Winamp Comeback

Pegged for 2019, the parent company of Winamp—Radionomy—is planning on rebooting the platform as an all-in-one app.

This app will offer podcasts, playlists, radio stations, and every type of audible experience, all on one easy to access platform.

What We Know and What We Don’t Know

A lot is still unknown about the Winamp comeback. But what has been disclosed is that there will be a mobile app suitable for iOS and Android. The old-school desktop version will be given a major makeover with a version 5.8 update pending.

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This update will launch on October 18th—it is the first one the platform has received in five years!

The app was as good as abandoned back in 2013 before it was sold to Radionomy.

This update will fix up the old desktop version and keep that ticking over until Winamp 6, and its accompanying mobile apps, are launched next year. 

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We still don’t know how exactly Winamp will gain its services from Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora et al.

Can the Winamp Comeback Work?

If the app is planning on amalgamating the user listening experience to one place, then it may have a hard time convincing those companies to play ball. It would, after all, be taking their user base in hopes of integration on its ‘everything in one place’ model.

For the user, however, Winamp’s new app could be a welcomed addition to a rather fragmented music streaming sector. There has yet to be one sole place that merges all the individual ecosystems of streaming.

So, if it can launch this reboot successfully, then this could be the rebirth of the Winamp phoenix yet.

Featured Image: DepositPhotos /© OPTI_mistka