Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2019 and the Best of the Past

Super Bowl commercials

Yesterday, Super Bowl LIII racked in almost 103.4 million viewers. The event viewership was down 7% from the previous year, which held around 111 million. Some viewers tuned in to watch the New England Patriots go head-to-head with the Los Angeles Rams. Others watched just for the commercials. Every year, companies spend millions of dollars on a 90-second commercial that takes months to plan. Super Bowl commercials have built their own arena, of sorts, and every year they seem to get better and better.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top Super Bowl commercials of 2019. Did they top last year’s? We shall see.

Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2019


Usually, Jeep (NYSE:FCAU) brings out the sentiments with its commercials but this year Google brought out the big guns. The company highlighted the heartwarming way in which its translate feature united people of all different cultures.


In usual fashion, Pepsi brought in the biggest celebrities to boost its product. The beverage company has used the most popular celebrities to sell its products for decades. Names include Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Madonna, Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, and the Spice Girls. This year, the Pepsi Super Bowl commercial featured Steve Carell, Rapper Lil John, and Cardi B.

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Hyundai (OTC:HYMLF)

Hyundai Motors brought some humor to the most ‘agonizing’ things in life by way of an elevator. Jason Bateman played an elevator operator that would rate these duties in life by floors, and the worse the life experience was, the lower the floor. It’s pretty funny, with the vegan dinner party and the six-hour flight, middle seat. Hyundai introduced a new way to buy a car in the Super Bowl Commercial, which aims at taking the anxiety and hassle out of car buying.

Bud Light (NYSE:BUD)

Bud Light is always in contention for the top Super Bowl commercial. This time, the popular US beer company combined with one of the world’s most popular shows that is set to debut its final season, Game of Thrones. The commercial is getting top ratings among all viewers and even analysts. It seems that everyone is excited for April when the last season debuts.

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Best Super Bowl Commercials of the Past





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